Friday, June 29, 2012

Graffiti as/is Art

 "When Pigs Fly"  (above) reflects Paul Flack's feelings about life & 'wearing it like a loose garment'
 "God" tells the story of man looking everywhere for Him and the dog in the story lets the viewer know He's right here...
 "Mona" reflects Paul's less-than serious take on himself as an artist - and less-than serious take on life itself...
Paul doesn't differentiate between eastern & western religions and philosophies - rather he loves giving the viewer the peaceful serenity of all spiritual paths through enlightened images such as "The Buddha" above.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Realism with a touch of Fantasy

Mary L. Parkes (Santa Fe, NM) has unsurpassed talent - and obviously, a vivid dream life!  Just painterly enough to pull away from photo-realism - then add fairies, ribbons, bubbles, flowers floating in the air - and you have a Mary Parkes original on Linen or Board.  Although a master colorist, these latest pieces reflect a more subdued palette, leading the viewer to follow the story around the subject without interference in color.  And there's nothing "dark" or "mysterious" in Mary's subtle tones or palette - far from neutral or benign.  It's difficult to create work on a dark background using a tonal palette and still appear lighthearted, fanciful, delightful.  Difficult, but Mary proves it can be done.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Clay Fun & Fantasy

 Joan Carew's newest work is "Faces" -  Clay -  small, delicate, fabulous.
 Nicole Merkens' "She Was Never The Same" - clay -  dark and delightful at the same time. 
 Joan Carew - more "Faces"
Nicole Merkens - "Birthday Girl" and "Party Boy" - Clay

Mother & daughter (Joan Carew & Nicole Merkens) create skilled clay works (both wall sculptures & free-standing) with a unique personality evident in their body of work.  Joan's work is lighter in mood and whimsical/fanciful in essence.  Nicole's faces and forms reflect a 'darker' sentimentality - like an old soul with stories to tell if you dare to look closer.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Peaceful Shore" 36" 48" palette knife work by Donna Thomas

Using neutrals and a knife - Donna has created a series of works that soothe and satisfy.  Hard to accomplish but well-done!  Atlanta collectors have always loved representational works - places, scenes, subjects that speak to their interests or passions.  And yet, abstracts are here to stay in the South.  In this piece - Donna gives hints and expression about a place, but leaves everything else to the viewer's interpretation.  Exactly what a 'representational abstract' is all about. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pop Art mixed with antiques

I absolutely love using the unexpected on a wall.  These 3 Paul Flack graffiti series paintings (each 16" x 16") of John Lennon hung vertically break up the woods & browns in this room.  A wonderful "pop" of color, fun & fabulous. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Small Works

John Guernsey small oil paintings combined with clay and sculpture break up the books in a traditional space.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Contemporary Art - Traditional Space

The clients in these spaces choose very contemporary artwork to add interest and excitement to very traditional rooms.  The top image is a family room - stone fireplace, traditional furnishings - and a Beth Emery contemporary expressionistic painting with loads of color & "pop".  The bottom image was taken in another client's bedroom - using a Lisa Moore abstract painting of a barn over a soaring fireplace wall - mixed with French Country/traditional furnishings.  Among all the colors & things going on in that room - the painting really "shines" and updates the look, without losing the owner's love of existing pieces.